Na endlich: nachdem ich mich letzte Nacht noch einmal mit Stift und Papier hingesetzt (genau gesagt hingelegt) habe, steht jetzt der Beitrag für den Artikel in den //ASTRON & JIVE Berichten//. Sollte es nicht massive Einwände geben, so werde ich die folgende Fassung einschicken:

As of january 1st I started working here at ASTRON as junior scientist at the Radiosterrenwacht. I am involved in the data processing for the LOPES/KASCADE experiment in Karlsruhe, an activity soon to be translated onto the LOFAR ITS.

Academic education I received at Bonn University, studying physics with astronomy as minor subject. To some good proportion this direction taken has been a continuation of interests held for a long time. While the focus in physics for a while shifted towards particle and accelerator physics the major major influence had been the theory lectures (electrodynamics, quantum theory). This in combination with the excellent lecture by Uli Klein on aperture synthesis in radio astronomy finally brought me to the topic of my diploma thesis: “A method for the extraction of relative magnification matrices from VLBI observations of gravitational lens systems”. This work was carried out at the IAEF, supervised by Peter Schneider.

Although the presentation so far might indicate a straight and consequent path, it actually wasn’t. This is due to the fact that over time I have been following a number of other interests with almost the same intensity as physics and astronomy. Most important of all was and remains music which by hearing, playing and writing forms an integral part of all my activities.