Coole Sache: ich habe gerade ein wenig bei BBC Online geschaut, und was finde ich da - ein Interview mit James Cameron. Definitives Highlight:

Q4: And secondly, is there any truth to the Battle Angel Alita rumours going round at the moment?

JC: Yeah, Battle Angel Alita is one that’s definitely in our production queue. It’s a film that I’m going to be directing, it’s a question of when we do it, in what order we do things. But if you’re not familiar with that, it was an anime that was based on a manga - great character, really cool and it’s something I’m looking forward to doing. And we’ll probably do that in 3D, too. I’m just going to do everything in 3D now. I’m going to shoot my daughter’s birthday party in 3D.

Ich finde das klingt auf jeden Fall sehr, sehr interessant und man darf gespannt sein, was bei diesem Projekt herauskommt.