Looks like the line-up for the 6th edition is coming along; when we were checking on this about a week ago only a single band was lists, namely Eloy. However within the last few day two other very interesting acts have been joining the list:

We are proud to announce German Prog Legend ELOY to perform their first show within 12 years on friday, July 8th. IQ and Riverside are confirmed to the Festival as well. We are negotiating with a lot of bands and hope to confirm very soon some more names.

While this just by itself already looks very tempting, of there is still the question whether or not Gazpacho will make an appearance as well; given the fact that the current Missa Atropos Tour only had a few dates and has ended last week – which is hardly enough to keep fans happy – I am speculating on the band showing up a at least a few progressive festivals.