Fri, 01. April 2011 – 12:25

Jaja, es ist der erste April… und deshalb lassen sich Menschen allerlei Dinge einfallen, um ihre Umgebung zu erheitern oder auf humoristische Weise in die Irre zu fuehren. Sieht ganz danach aus, als bliebe auch das API nicht ganz verschon davon:

As you may have heard, Maithili wasn’t in this morning because she was awarded the prestigious KRAFT travel grant by Kraft Foods, allowing her 5000 euros to attend conferences and workshops during her PhD. One of the conditions of the grant is her participation in an Oreo cookie advertisement, which will be filmed today at 14:30 in the common room (please excuse the workers carrying Oreos boxes and TV equipment starting 14:00). The producers said around five people are needed to fill smaller roles, so if you feel like a future cookie ad star, please do attend! What I heard is all you need to do is to act natural and scream “Oreos – API’s Favourite Cookie!” at the right time. I will also be in the ad, playing one of the giant Oreo cookies.

Kraft Foods also sent three dozen mousepads (see attached picture) with the grant award confirmation letter, you can pick up yours in the big Oreos box in the secretariat.

Muss man jetzt nicht unbedingt sonderlich witzig finden, aber ist zumindest schon einmal ein Versuch – ich denke mal, dass es davon noch deutlich mehr zu sehen/lesen/hoeren gibt, ehe der Tag vorbei ist.