Tue, 12. July 2011 – 13:52

… there now is a way to actually see it. I just finished an experimental build of the DAL, containing the latest set of changes for the ‘‘dalDataset’’ to take into account I/O mode flags and carrying along internal parameters. As soon as the results from the test build hit the Dashboard I went there to have a look how I was doing; as it turns out the changes I have been working on this morning have caused some of the previously successful tests to fail. However the problem in the past typically was such, that one would well be able to see from the summary that an increased number of test failed, but figuring out which ones as not straight forward. Well, looks like the recent update to the Dashboard server has brought quite an improvement:

DAL Dashboard

Tests, which were successful beforehand, but got broken since the last experimental build, now are marked with a red flag, thereby making it easy to locate them.