Thu, 14. July 2011 – 21:03

Wow, that is two news in one, that I am getting there:

James Cameron seems to be getting himself set before he goes into production on the next Avatar movie. A pair of upcoming sequels to the 2009 sci-fi hit were confirmed late last year, with stated plans to drop Avatar 2 in 2014 and Avatar 3 in 2015. He shot the initial movie using a set of Sony HD cameras and, for the 3D, a modified version of the 3D digital Fusion Camera System, which he developed with Vince Pace. It seems he might be going with one of the increasingly popular offerings from Jim Jannard’s Red Digital Cinema Camera Company for the two sequels.

What I actually was doing was to listen to an interview from TWIP’s Frederick van Johnson with Trey Ratcliff, when during the last five minutes Trey (almost casually) dropped the news that James Cameron did the above-mentioned purchase. This of course would be interesting for a number of reasons: on the one hand I have been getting interested in digital cinematography for a while now, trying to accumulate some understanding of the processes and tools used in modern motion picture production – so if someone investing in a large stock of (only recently released) RED Epic-M cameras, this surely raises a flag on my screen. On the other hand of course the news that Cameron is planning to extend Avatar into a trilogy, is a bit of news by itself; given the track-record the man has established, this indeed is something to look forward to. The only bad news related to this is, that the work on Battle Angel now is getting shifted way into the future; previously scheduled for release in 2013 the movie now has been pushed back to 2016 – and from what I have been reading it is not entirely clean to which degree Cameron would still be involved in the project.