Fri, 05. August 2011 – 10:41

.. from source is no fun. Having gone through several iterations during the past two days – only to find out something would break right before finishing the build – I was even starting to consider opting for a binary installation; however the latter was not a solution to the problem I kept running into, namely the support for multiple architectures under Mac OS X (which can be i386, x86_64, ppc). The latest compiling rage was triggered by my attempts to set up a basic PELICAN module for AARTFAAC, to read in visibility data through the DAL. While building PELICAN itself would work fine, I kept running into compiler warnings and linker errors when trying to build my own modules, finally pointing me towards having a closer look at my Qt installation. Part of the trouble turned out to be a mismatch of architectures (as mentioned above): thus in order to have this issue resolved a fresh install of Qt with the proper architecture flags seemed in order. Given that is had been a while since the latest Qt installation, I almost had forgotten how long it really takes to get the package build from source… takes ages and even my current MacBook Pro is crunching on it for a major part of the night. Bad thing though is, that twice already I have been running into configuration errors close to the end of the procedure, such that I had do do things over again. This is no fun!