Fri, 05. August 2011 – 17:20

Time to continue preparing for AARTFAAC software development: as we are approaching the point, where first functional pieces come into existence, it makes sense to also ensure everything can be tested on the platform we are targeting. As a result of this, I now am running an installation of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS under VirtualBox. While – especially when running everything on a laptop – this is not the setup for heavy weight-lifting, it at least provides me with the framework to test the software in the environment is needs to work in (or at least something reasonably close to it).


While (obviously) the MacBook will continue to serve as the main development platform for the software – simply due to the fact that it is the computer around for most of the time – the above mechanism provides an easy way to buy into the target platform, on which all of the AARTFAAC software ultimately needs to run. Of course there is a limit to what such a test platform will be able to deliver, but being able to perform some additional testing before even pushing code changes back to the central repository, sounds like something very useful.