Fri, 06. July 2012 – 16:26

Since moving from Nijmegen(NL) to Amsterdam (NL) to Bonn (DE) the rate at which I have been doing concert photography has been going down considerably. For one reason or another I have been neglecting the hunt for new images from concerts and festivals, in part perhaps also because my approach to the matter has been changing slightly over time… nevertheless this is no argument for such a complete withdrawal. Therefore I grabbed the opportunity, which presented itself two weeks ago, to visit the Popfarm festival - a small event organized and carried out by the Popfarm school for Rock- and Pop-Music (www.popfarm.de). As kind of a follow-up last weekend I was at the Derletalfest, a local event close to home; nothing too special, but yet another chance to get some shutter actuations and bring back (hopefully) a few nice pictures. The photograph below was taken during the show of the evening’s “headliner”, the Bonn-based band “Sunny Skies” (www.sunnyskies.de), who these days are celebrating their 40-year stage anniversary. The interesting extra from this for me personally: there is a connection between the Popfarm music school and the band, which sounds like something worth following up.

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