Tue, 17. July 2012 – 10:04

After pushing this around for a long time, I finally have started exploring HDR photography. Been wanting to do this for quite a while, but was lacking the subject matter to apply this to. Being asked to document our ever-growing garden I noticed that this the perfect opportunity: given the range of colors and brightnesses I decided that HDR was the way to go. While capturing the raw material – multiple exposures with the appropriate EV settings – seemed rather straight forward, the subsequent processing appears to the tricky part: there are so many variations possible when tone-mapping – choice of algorithm and its control parameters - that it will take a while to have this figured out to gain the results I am looking for. Surely will have to do some reading up on the matter, but already now I do see the potential for being able to capture scenes with tricky light environments (guess right now I am more going for the technical use, rather than the artistic fine tuning).