Mon, 21. January 2013 – 09:05

Of course there is not need to wait until actually being on site, before starting to go through some of the background material… As already mentioned a number of times during the interviews end of last year, there is a rather ambitious schedule for the TROPOMI mission. While traveling up to SRON this morning – hampered though by the weather conditions, we forced me on an alternate route to the new working place – I started reading through the “Project management plan for TROPOMI onground calibration”, in order to get some ida of the overall project setup and timeline. In chapter 3 (“Objectives and constraints of the project”) I encountered an overview of the schedule constraints, which contains the following statement:

The onground calibration effort by industry will start the 1st of February 2014. Before this date, the calibration software must have been fully developed and tested, and confidence in the calibration approach must have been confirmed by a calibration rehearsal.

If I am reading this correctly (and I am pretty sure this will be clarified soon enough), this means that there is about a year to complete the onground calibration software. Given I am now working in space industry this signifies little tolerance for slipping of deadline… hence there is little time to catch up with what has been happening so far and get productive.