Thu, 27. June 2013 – 17:00

It is official (at least as far as the messages coming from the Electric Castle are concerned): there is going to be a new Ayreon album later this year! Yes, Arjen currently is laying down the tracks for the first album in a few years.

Arjen is busy in the studio working on the next Ayreon album, which will be titled THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. He’s finished recording instrumental demos of all the tracks, and is now working on the lyrics. The next step will be recording guide vocals to send to the vocalists.

Found out about this rather by coincident: I was listening to “The Universal Migrator, Part 2”, when it hit me that in fact I had not heard any news about potential projects in a while. The last thing I can remember was the release of the 2010 Star One album “Victims of the Modern age”. However since then – at least to the extend that I have been able to pick this up – it has gotten a bit quiet. Even though Arjen has been working on a few things in the meantime, Ayreon still remains the flagship musical project – so any news about forthcoming new album naturally will be met with excitement.