Sat, 10. August 2013 – 23:56

Well, I am still new to this, but after spending a little bit of time this evening on how to get contents onto the Kindle (a slightly older version 4 reader), I also managed to dig out some basic information on how to use LaTeX to create a PDF which fit well to the display of the Kindle.

\usepackage[paperwidth=3.6in,paperheight=4.5in, total={3.35in,4.25in}]{geometry}



% Your contents goes here


Of course, the main disadvantage of the PDF format w.r.t. the Kindle or Mobipocket format is, that the layout is static, i.e. rotating of the display no longer will be a sensible option. On the other – just from the little bit of experimenting I have been doing this evening – a properly generated PDF may be closer to the reading experience of a well-printed book-page. While the first experiments essentially tried to get the basic layout right – which I think is ok now – the kind of obvious next step is to look at adding features such as hyperlinks for better navigation inside the document. From what I can tell to far, the build-in methods to move around are not that great – being able to augment this from within the document itself might be quite useful.