While some of the machinery is not back online again, I am making some progress on streamlining the tools supposed to be working behind the scenes. Given the fact that the current routine to list the contents of a directory (in terms of available blog entries) now already is an improvement w.r.t. the older version, generalising it a little it further only seemed like a logical step. The first iteration specifically had been written with the idea in mind to list upcoming entries (and offer them for publication); however extraction of further details was pretty generic, such that the only thing left to adjust was the path w.r.t. which the listing was extracted.

list_entries ()
    if [ -z $1 ] ; then

    cd ${PATH_BASEDIR}

    for FILE in `ls ${varDirectory} | grep -v index.page`
        varTitle=`get_entry_title ${varDirectory}/${FILE}`
        varTimeheader=`get_timeheader ${varDirectory}/${FILE}`
        echo " - ${FILE} | ${varTitle} | ${varTimeheader}"

The default behaviour has been kept, such that if now further argument is provided, the contents of the directory with entries in preparation is listed.