With the growing amount of data/information coming in from the OCAL measurements, a good argument can be made in favour of keeping interfaces to that data clean and easily usable. One thing to be considered part of this is small webpage I have been setting up to provide an overview of the available diagnostics plots:

Quicklooks webpage screenshot

Pages such as the one above were quite common – trying to cover all possible combinations of measurement type and diagnostic plots there typically only is a subset for which viable information exists. In order to avoid bloating the webpages, making it harder to find what actually is available, a simple filter has been added to the Bash script generating the intermediate files (from which Doxygen then generates the actual HTML pages):

    nofQuicklooks=`find_nof_files $1 $2 ${varQuicklook}`
    # only create link if there is some contents to link to
    if [[ ${nofQuicklooks} -ne 0 ]] ; then
        echo " - \subpage ${varAnchor}  (${nofQuicklooks} files)"

A very simple measure, but quite effective – with this getting around to the actually available diagnostics plots becomes more straight forward (and links are added the moment the corresponding data arrive).