It is busy times: not only have we been spending the past three weeks on supervising the laser measurements (at least those of the team on site), but also back at the institute trying to process and inspect the incoming data to assess the suitability of the calibration measurements. With all of this going on there of course is a considerable risk to – amongst all the day to day madness – lose out of sight the longer-term planning (e.g. when it comes to important project milestone). One of the attempts to keep an eye on the planning has been to revitalize efforts to use our Redmine issue tracker. Simply filling in tasks of course is not enough: issues kept around in the system should be assigned correctly and updated as work progresses.

TROPOMI Redmine issue tracker

To get things going on the part of the on-ground calibration, I set aside half an hour this afternoon, to start entering and organising tasks related to the next upcoming milestones; not complete yet, but once going through the remainder of the calibration validation plan (CValP) we should get a reasonable picture of what tasks need to be worked on and how we are doing in terms of deliverables.

Back to coding now…