Personal background

Even though having held one or the other smaller camera in my hand before, I still consider 1992 as kind of a starting point for getting a bit more serious about photography. About to go onto a highly anticipated trip to Spain, I started to investigate options how to better capture some of the expected impressions in pictures; given the considerations the decision to buy my first SLR only seemed logical. The Nikon F601 remained a trusted companion for more than 15 years, helping me to form my first ideas about the type of pictures I might be interested in. As a consequence of this initial learning process it became obvious pretty soon, that in order to get closer to the results I was aiming at, a lens of considerable longer range was required – adding a Sigma 70-300mm to my bag therefore was a logical step.

Using this combination I started heading into the direction which ultimately would also lead to the switch from analog to digital photography: a long-time fan of the Rheinkultur music festival – taking place in Bonn (DE) during the first weekend of July – I began combining my love for music with the fascination of observing musicians during their performance.

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